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that combines software, science, medicine, IT, and AI technologies


high reliable technology

Scaling a grobal network

Secure differentiated source technologies

Systematic quality activities


Implementing Total Supply Chain in Medical Devices 

to be a healthier and happier world

Medical waste boxes using sterilization methods

Smart Medical Waste Box

Double Shielding and Double Sanitizing

Double shielding and double sanitizing to prevent infection

IOT Smart Controls

Non-contact sensors prevent secondary infections, display sterilization times, detect load levels, and auto-clean

Powerful plasma ion and UV sterilization

Oxidative sterilization of airborne viruses and bacteria with UV light and OH- radicals

Air sterilizers with sanitizing treatments

Smart Air Sterilizer

Smart Sterilization System

Sterilization with UV light and removal of VOCs and harmful substances with TIO2 photocatalysts

Broadband UV(265-275nm, 365-375nm)

By irradiating UV light, it changes the structure of DNA.RNA and stops cell division to prevent proliferation

Powerful OH-radical disinfection

The most powerful substance that can be chemically broken down and removed, and the only one that is harmless to humans

Create a safer and more efficient 
industrial site with PROVIX