Based on our proprietary camera technology, 

we are growing into a camera manufacturer 

and distributor in various fields.

We are seeking leaders in medical devices and general fields with creativity, flexibility, and expertise to develop the world's first products.

And our medical devices for human medicine and animal medicine are sold to 85 countries around the world, 

and we are developing and manufacturing new medical device products with digital concepts incorporating IOT and AI to secure overseas markets, 

and are evolving into a company with specialized export sales competitiveness that provides the best quality and service by establishing an organic cooperation system with engineers.

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PROVIX will create a company that grows and shares with social responsibility through continuous growth of the company.

The company was founded in 2002 as PROVIX and incorporated as PROVIX INC in 2018.

We are a global manufacturer and distributor of high-resolution medical laparoscopic endoscopic cameras for surveillance and industrial use, as well as medical devices and other IOT products, with specialized research, production and sales technology. 

PROVIX is a leading manufacturer of medical endoscopy camera systems in Korea. 

With a wide range of products including standard definition endoscopic cameras, portable video isoscope, high definition endoscopic cameras and OEM camera series, plus reasonable prices, Provix is always a good partner for more than 40 overseas customers and buyers.

We'll do our best to make it even better.

 from all Provix employees