Based on our proprietary camera technology, 

we are growing into a camera manufacturer 

and distributor in various fields.

To provide the best customer service, we have established detailed management strategies and practices, 

and all employees are doing their best to implement them.


Environmental Management Guidelines

Biodiversity Policy

Anti-Deforestation Policy


Human Rights Management Guidelines

Human Rights Guidelines

Diversity Management

Stakeholder Engagement Framework


Outside Director Independence/

Diversity Guidelines

Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidelines

PROVIX environment guidelines

Based on the philosophy of corporate citizenship management, PROVIX Inc. takes the initiative to respond to environmental issues such as climate change, fine dust, waste, and chemicals that are of high social concern.

We have established environmental guidelines based on the Corporate Citizenship Charter, Environmental Management Policy, related laws and regulations, and internal guidelines.

The company is now taking the lead in responding to environmental issues such as climate change, fine dust, waste, and chemicals, which are of high social concern, in order to meet the rising expectations of the public regarding the quality of life.

Therefore, we have established environmental guidelines in accordance with the Corporate Citizenship Charter, Environmental Management Policy, related laws and regulations, and internal guidelines, and through these, we will strive to realize a low-carbon and eco-friendly environment, which is the basic responsibility of the steel industry.

We minimize the negative impact on the environment in the business/production process through activities in the following six areas, and expand the scope to our supply chain and partners.

  • Workplace environmental management
  • Product development, services, and logistics
  • Public contractor selection and supplier ESG
  • Production operation and maintenance
  • Waste Management
  • New projects and mergers and acquisitions
Human Rights Management Guideline

PROVIX Inc. respects and supports internationally accepted standards on human rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

All human beings have the right to be treated with dignity, including the right to life and physical security, freedom of thought, expression, and religion, freedom of association, balance between work and family life, privacy, food and water security, freedom from torture, slavery, or forced labor, the right to fair and decent working conditions, and non-discrimination.

Since the declaration of the Code of Ethics reflecting the human rights management policy in 2020, PROVIX has been striving to prevent violations of the human rights of others and to take appropriate measures to prevent and resolve negative impacts on human rights in the course of the company's business activities, and has further strengthened its commitment to human rights management.

Basic Policy on Human Rights Management

In order to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights and meet the expectations of its stakeholders, PROVIX Inc. complies with the following recommendations regarding human rights management.

  1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations and internationally recognized global human rights standards wherever we operate.
  2. When faced with conflicting local regulations, seek ways to comply with global human rights standards.
  3. Address risks that could result in serious human rights violations as a material management issue for the company.
Risk management for a human rights culture
  • Declaring a Human Rights Policy Based on the Philosophy of Corporate Citizenship
  • Detecting Human Rights Risks and Potential Risks
  • Prevention and remediation activities
  • Performance evaluation and sharing
  • Post-monitoring

PROVIX Inc. respects the human rights of all employees and establishes human rights management guidelines and risk management systems in accordance with international standards and regulations on human rights to prevent and improve risks, and shares the results.

  1. Prevent the causes of the company's business activities negatively affecting human rights in advance, and deal with the problem appropriately if it occurs.
  2. Even if the Company does not directly cause human rights violations, it shall endeavor to prevent and mitigate negative human rights impacts caused by the business activities of its business partners.
Responsibility to Respect Human Rights

The human rights of PROVIX Inc. policy applies to its employees. We also follow the human rights management policy based on the Corporate Citizenship Charter when dealing with partners such as suppliers and suppliers, and suggest and support them to respect international standards and human rights management policies in relation to human rights.

Basic Principles
  1. No Discrimination/Harassment
  2. Prohibition of forced and child labor
  3. Ensuring freedom of association and collective bargaining rights
  4. Ensuring occupational safety
  5. Ensuring environmental rights
  6. Protecting the human rights of local communities
  7. Protecting the human rights of customers
  8. Responsible supply chain management