Perform national tasks

ProVix has been working on several national projects and recently 

  •  Smart medical waste fire box
  •  FPGA-based 3840x2160 high-resolution endoscopic camera system 
  •  RTOS platform for manufacturing and different network environments
  •  Smart mobile negative/positive pressure test, inoculation system

have performed national projects on our own or jointly.

Provix Inc. has been successfully performing its national mission.

Co-developed a smart medical waste box

Collaborate with

Mobile Health Bus

Medical Device & Medical Device Fixture

Negative & positive Pressure air conditioner
Positive Pressure air conditioner


NIH(National Institute for Health and Human Services) Product Demonstrations

Manufactured FPGA-based 3840x2160 high-resolution endoscopic camera system and developed RTOS platform for different netwok environments

PROVIX performed alone(Small Business Administration)

Completed design and development of an FPGA board compatible with 3840 x 2160 class sensors

Converted RAW data to RGB for display on display equipment  

Developed CCU (Camera Control Unit) with Android platform as RTOS

Completed development of network video streaming using RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) based on Android

PCB Design
Crafting PCB Board 

Assignment results and the testing process

Smart Mobile Negative/Positive Pressure Testing, Inoculation Systems

Collaborate with

AEGIS Dial station

Purpose of “Negative pressure Mobile Dual-station Screening – Vaccination”

Mobile Negative Pressure Testing and Inoculation Rooms

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